Erkurt Tekstil ve Yalıtım Ürünleri San. Tic. A.Ş.


Erkurt Yalıtım Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Erkurt manufactures asphalt-based vibration dampers and morphed and out of form sound insulators made of felt for domestic appliances and for devices in all segments. Also, morphed composite insulators produced from using asphalt, felt and technical textile for devices in all segments, and interior trim materials such as roofs and side walls for heavy commercial vehicles are produced.

Misters Ahmet Kurtcebe Alptemoçin, who believes in the future of the automotive industry and who comes from a manufacturing background, and Recep Bekler, along with Kemal Kabadayı and İsmail Vatansever, established Erkurt Tekstil ve Yalıtım A.Ş (Erkurt Textile and Insulation Inc.) primarily to supply the demand of localization of asphalt parts and after, started to manufacture asphalt-based sound absorbers in the machines which were designed and built by them. Moreover, they started to produce spare parts firstly for Tofaş , and then for Renault.

Later on, PU parts used for sound insulation were added to the production range and it became even richer with complex parts made using asphalt and PU.

The next step was to manufacture felt required for the sound insulation. The nub of the story was completed with the successful production of felt by the machines designed by Mr Bekler, who is an expert on textile machines.

To successfully respond for both the increasing number of customers and the rising expectations for quality, Erkurt mastered the production of morphed insulators, composite complex insulators and truck cabin trim parts in time and proved itself in the automotive supply industry.

Erkurt signed a technical assistance contract with Rieter Automotive, a world brand in its own field, in 1992 and renewed its production lines while adding new products like thermal shields to its production range. In 1997, Erkurt and Rieter Automotive established an associated company.

Erkurt started searching for different markets, due to the Turkish economic crisis in 1994 and after that, started to produce sound insulation materials for domestic appliances, especially for use in washing machines and dishwashers. Today Erkurt is a supporting industry for all manufacturers of domestic appliances in Turkey.

Erkurt, which achieves all the quality standards required by the sector, has succeeded to provide products almost for every vehicle in our country and been the core and eponym of Erkurt Holding since its establishment, is as excited and eager as the first day to prepare itself for future by triggering the dynamic structure of our industry and adapting to changing and advancing conditions.